Courteney Cox reacts to Friends Reunion nomination in Emmy

Celebpost Desk|July 22, 2021

Courteney Cox reacts to 'Friends Reunion' nomination in Emmy

The Friends star Courteney Cox revealed her delight in receiving the Emmy nod for the show Friends Reunion Special.

The special episode of Friends had been recognized globally and received a positive response from all over.

Recently, it was declared that the show had been nominated for four Emmy awards.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Courteney described how thrilled she was to see the show being a huge success. She said, "Honestly, I am so happy that the reunion has been recognized because I think it's terrific. Ben Winston did a great job and all of his crew."

Regarding her own Emmy Award for the show, Cox said, "That's not exactly the Emmy I was looking for. I'm being honest with you. I'm so thrilled that I got to do it onstage back at that same studio, the same Stage 24, with those incredible people that I love so much. And I'm so thrilled, but that Emmy [nomination] really belongs to Ben Winston… So yes, I'm so happy. But when I was on Howard Stern, I wasn't talking about that."

In May, fans were treated to a special episode of the Friends where all the cast and crew members reunited to recall their sitcom days.

Previously, Cox felt dejected when she was the only one who did not receive an Emmy nomination for the entire 10 seasons of the show. She essayed the role of Monica Geller in the series.

In an interaction with Howard Stern, Courteney detailed her feelings of dejection when she had been singled out, "I was happy for everybody, and then when it was finally like, 'Oh, I'm the only one?' It hurt.”

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