Camille Razat on season 2 of Emily In Paris: It will be a rollercoaster

Celebpost Desk|July 21, 2021

The popular sitcom Emily In Paris has been renewed by Netflix after an overwhelmingly successful first season. The shooting for season 2 started in May and actress Camille Razat couldn’t help but spill, in her latest interview, that this season will be way better than the last.

Camille stars in the show alongside Lily Collins, who plays the role of the protagonist Emily — a young marketing executive from the USA who is trying to revel in the French culture but has trouble navigating through it.

Season 1 of Emily In Paris was released in October 2020, and within its first month of release, it was watched 58 million times. The show created an electrifying buzz; however, Camille dished that season 2 is coming with even more glamour and drama.

"It will be a rollercoaster," she told PEOPLE. "It's much more complicated. There are much more emotional scenes. My character is even more important. I think season 2, it will be better than season 1, actually."

Camille also opened about up the shooting experience during the Covid-19 pandemic and said the whole ordeal has been “Strange.” She explained:

"We are a co-production — French and American — so we have to obey both of the governments regarding COVID. It's really strict, but it's good. I mean, obviously, we're so lucky to be able to shoot. So even if there are so many restrictions, we're so lucky still."

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