Kaitlyn Bristowe pens tearful post on loneliness: ‘I have been so emotional in the last few days

Celebpost Desk|July 19, 2021
Kaitlyn Bristowe pens tearful post on loneliness: ‘I have been so emotional in the last few days’

The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe shared an emotional post on Instagram detailing her feeling lonely as she missed her family, fiancé and her pet dogs terribly.

Kaitlyn felt low day after day, as her family was living in Canada and her fiancé Jason Tartick was out of town.

She discussed her current emotional state with her fans and followers in a virtually written post.

In the post, Kaitlyn revealed, "I have been so emotional the last few days. It's so hard sometimes being away. I haven't been back to Canada in two years. I was FaceTiming my dad today, and I'm feeling so lonely. And obviously, Jason left, and he is having family time, and I was supposed to be there, and I couldn't because of work stuff. And I'm just missing them, and I miss the dogs, and I'm just having a moment."

Later on, in her Instagram story, Kaitlyn requested her fans to give her suggestions on how to keep herself mentally busy.

She asked them if they could recommend any good movie that would completely distract her, although the DM’s she received were quite mocking.

Kaitlyn reacted to all the direct messages she received. She said, "I mean, I shouldn't have even asked for movie recommendations because then that forces me to go into my DMs, and then I see things like people saying 'have some dignity,' 'pull it together,' 'stop crying,' 'privileged problems lol.”

The next day Kaitlyn shared a photo of herself showcasing that she felt much better and productive today. She captioned the photo, "All it took was one good sleep, put on a little workout outfit, have a coffee and say, 'It's a new day.'"

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