Kendall Jenner cheers for beau Devin Booker at NBA finals: video

Celebpost Desk|July 19, 2021
Kendall Jenner cheers for beau Devin Booker at NBA finals

Model Kendall Jenner shared a video clip in which she was spotted cheering in support of her boyfriend Devin Booker at the NBA finals.

The game was held on July 17, between beau Devin’s Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks.

Taking to Instagram stories, Kendall posted a clip from the game and penned it with an emotional caption. Jenner wrote, "I’m not emotional, you are."

Kendall had an extreme emotional reaction towards Booker’s game which left fans pleasantly amazed.

The Keeping Up with The Kardashians star was dressed up perfectly for the day lauding her boyfriend every time he scored. The star paced up and down restlessly when the team lost.

The duo has been a constant source of support for each other when it came to their work lives.

This was the first time Kendall was opening up about her relationship to the public.

Recently, the couple had celebrated their first anniversary of being together and sparked romance during a vacation.

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