Gloria Estefan uses her voice to speak up against repression of Cubans: ‘They need our support

Celebpost Desk|July 18, 2021
Gloria Estefen uses her voice to speak up against repression of Cubans: ‘They need our support’

The Cuban-American singer and actress Gloria Estefan urged the US, UN and other international democratic countries to aid Cubans in their fight for restoration of the economy and against the repression of the people.

Cuba has been facing an economic setback for centuries along with a massive spike in COVID cases.

The shortage of food, water and other basic necessities had caused the public to protest for a change in the communist government.

Taking to Instagram, Gloria shared a video clip of the Cuban protests along with a hand-written pledge in both Spanish and English.

She wrote, "My heart hurts for the Cuban people on the island & what they’ve already gone through for over 62 years. … But now they are saying ENOUGH.”

Gloria added, "Despite the beatings, the murders & incarcerations, the abuses of power, the starvation & the attempted destruction of their spirits! They need our support & that of the democratic & free countries of the world."

She urged, "The United Nations &, very especially, the United States, must strongly condemn the repressive & violent measures being taken by the Cuban government against their own people! Spread the images, spread the word!"

Previously, in an interview with Reuters Gloria said, "My hopes are that there are enough people in the police and in the military that's going to start some kind of movement where they don't repress the people, where they stand up for the people that they're supposed to protect, instead of the government.”

Other Cuban stars like Bella Thorne and Pitbull stood up in favour of Cuba calling out the United States to help.

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