Chase Bryant drops new album Upbringing based on good days of few Awful years

Celebpost Desk|July 17, 2021

Country singer Chase Bryant hasn’t had it easy as he opened up about his struggles a few months ago. But he’s learning to remember to count his blessings at every chance he gets to keep his days simpler.

Chase dropped his latest album titled Upbringing. While talking to PEOPLE, he explained how having a new perspective in his life has helped him produce a new "great" record.

"I've got a family that loves me, I've got a girl that loves me and, you know, I've got friends in the industry that are great," Chase gushed about his blessings "And I'm really thankful this record happened."

The 28-year-old singer has had a few hits in his career but his personal life hasn’t been easy. He’s previously opened up about battling with depression and his suicide attempts in the past. But. he eventually took a break from music and sought treatment before resuming his career.

“I'm glad the snapshots held within this album tell a little more of my story," Chase said about the album produced by Jon Randall at Austin's famed Arlyn Studios. "I'm excited for the next steps. And, yeah, I'm excited to see what the world thinks about it."

Chase revealed that he still has a few hard days when he questions everything but for his album he wanted everyone to see another side of him that exhibits the life and joy in him.

"I knew I wanted to make a fun record, a great record," he continued. "To make this record, I analyzed the best days of those awful years. It's like, 'listen to these 12 songs and you will hear about the 12 best days I had,' you know what I mean?"

Chase added that he's "constantly in a period of change."

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