Jana Kramer questions Mike Caussins resentment amid divorce

Samantha David|July 16, 2021
Jana Kramer questions Mike Caussin’s resentment amid divorce

During her appearance on podcast Whine Down, Jana Kramer got candid about ex-husband Mike Caussin’s resentment amid their divorce proceedings.

The singer said, “It's definitely hard and it's one of those things where sometimes, like, the process with us has been really challenging because there is that betrayal.”

She added, “He has so much resentment and I'm like, 'Wait a minute, you're the one who hurt me. How are you being mean to me? This doesn't add up to me'. Help me understand that because I'm just losing my mind.”

She further added, “There's a million mean things I can say to [Mike] but I'm choosing to be kind and walking through this.”

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