The Queen to enforce strict new royal protocol for heartbroken Prince George

Celebpost Desk|July 16, 2021
The Queen to enforce 'strict' new royal protocol for 'heartbroken' Prince George

Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly decided to begin the enforcement of a strict royal protocol that Prince George has been excused from throughout most of his early childhood.

The news has been brought forward by a website titled Nicki Swift and according to its writer, “As the future monarch, the Duke must adhere to most royal protocols and Kate must follow his lead, though they occasionally make exceptions.”

“The couple isn’t even supposed to travel together with their children in the event that a tragic event wipes out the second, third, fourth, and fifth heirs to the throne.”

As of now, “Queen Elizabeth has let this rule slide but it's expected to be enforced when their eldest child, Prince George, turns 12.”

For the unversed, Prince George is currently 7-years-old and was born on July 22nd in 2013 at St Mary's Hospital in London.

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