Sophia Bush to reprise her role in One Tree Hill reboot? Heres what she has to say

Madison Raymond|June 19, 2021
Sophia Bush did mention that she 'can't say' if she and other cast members are in talks for a reboot

Sophia Bush opened up on the possibility of a One Tree Hill reboot in the pipelines during launch of her podcast series.

The US actress said the reboot might just happen very soon if all goes as planned.

"I mean, I can't spill all of our secrets, but I'd say never say never," Bush told Entertainment Tonight.

The actress did mention that she "can't say" if she and other cast members are in talks for a reboot.

However, she did note of the possibility of her reprising her character. "I mean, she's the coolest."

"We've been talking about it forever and the fans really are just so incredible and they keep the love for the show pumping at you full speed," she said.

"We have been approached about reboots and things and it's always so hectic to try to figure out. I mean, there were, like, a million of us on our show. It's complicated," Bush added.

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