Kim Kardashian fails the bar exam second time after prepping for it with COVID

Celebpost Desk|June 15, 2021
Kim Kardashian fails the bar exam second time after prepping for it with COVID

Popular American media personality and reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she failed her bar exams for her legal studies, for the second time.

Kim, 40, took her first test last year and failed. The entrepreneur attempted the test again in November while she had tested positive with COVID-19.

The model revealed about failing the bar exam for the second time in the episode pf Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While talking about the exam, she can be heard saying that she "pretty much got the same" score as the first time.

"I feel bummed, like totally bummed," she said. "It is what it is, I know I just have to not stress about it, there's so many other [expletive] things, stressful things, going on, I just have to do better in the future," she added in her confessional.

While having a conversation with her sister Khloé Kardashian over the phone, Kim said that, "I'm so annoyed. You're so supportive and I didn't come through."

Supporting her sister, Khloé, 36 said that, "Honestly you had COVID, you had your 40th birthday, you're dealing with so much, personally, in your relationship, and just quarantine in itself, and I really don't think this last time counted."

"Kim is dealing with a lot of other things at the same time - the fact that she had COVID and with the show and her relationship with Kanye, so I think you must give herself a little credit just for taking the baby bar," the Good American mogul told the cameras.

Back in her conversation with Kim, Khloé assured her that she'll have a "fresh start" when she takes the test again. "You said if you were to get it, it would have been like a miracle, just because of COVID," she said. Kim replied, "I know, but still I wanted that miracle - I believe in miracles," before noting that she would resume studying to take the test again.

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