Arrested intruder ‘refuses to leave Kylie Jenners home

Celebpost Desk|June 14, 2021
Arrested intruder ‘refuses to leave’ Kylie Jenner’s home

American reality TV star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner recently got an unwanted visitor arrested for trespassing her home.

The arrested intruder intended to speak to the star ‘in person and profess their love.’

As per the TMZ reported, the 35-year-old man intended to step into Kylie’s property in an attempt to “profess his love in person.”

The outlet also confirmed that Kylie, 23, was not at home at the time of the incident, it is believed that security personnel stationed outside her estate held the perpetrator till the authorities came to arrest the culprit.

As per Kylie’s security the person was a familiar face and would often be asked to leave the premises to which he would comply.

However, this time, the man put his foot down insisting that he meet with Kylie to which the police were called to make an arrest.

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