Alicia Silverstone sheds light on how her name has never been done justice to

Celebpost Desk|June 11, 2021

Actress Alicia Silverstone came forward on TikTok to take part in a game asking players to pronounce her name properly.

The actress made her TikTok debut last week. In the TikTok video, Silverstone was seen clad in a black and yellow jacket similar to the one she wore in the movie Just a Girl.

The 44-year-old Baby-Sitters Club star explained how people pronounce her name wrong.

She shrugged casually as she revealed, "My name is Ali-SEE-yuh … Not Alee-Sha.”

Fans were left in awe after the actress spelt her name as it should be pronounced. As a result, comments poured in to reply to her post.

One viewer wrote, "Well it seems like I've been saying your name wrong my whole life haha.”

Another said, "Excuse me while I question my entire life…"

Some other fans made fun of her name Cher in a comedy romance film Clueless.

Someone added, "Her name is Cher, C-H-E-R people mispronounce it [as] Alicia."

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