Morgan Stewart shares thyroid issues fuelling weeks-long ill-health

Celebpost Desk|June 10, 2021

The television star warmly welcomed a baby girl, Row, this February, after which she began facing acute health issues.

Morgan took to her Instagram and penned a message for her fans which she labeled as, "another example of everything seeming wonderful on Instagram and [in] reality being the total opposite."

She said, "For the past 9 weeks I have felt completely off. At first it was little things I started to notice. I was dizzy if I stood up too fast, my calves were especially tight (random I know), and my right eye always felt slightly tense."

She was waiting for a friend and her child when the sensations overcame her. She related, “I was sitting at my kitchen counter waiting for their arrival when I began to suddenly totally fade away from myself. Blurry, dizzy, tingly - immediately panic set in.”

She added, "I just became more panicked and extreme anxiety began to set in. My arm was not functioning. It felt heavy to pick up, almost like it belonged to somebody else. I again called Jordan and told him I needed somebody to come get me."

The doctors advised bed rest and to run blood tests. The worsening symptoms and attacks of anxiety made it hard for her to enjoy her stay or her meal on her weekend trip to Napa.

Steward broke out stating, "At the end of the day, I received a message from my doctor. A passionate message basically telling me she's incredibly surprised to find this, but my thyroid is so off the charts in overdrive, it's basically in outer space.”

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