Tiger King star Jeff Lowe and wife face arrest for DUI in Las Vegas

Celebpost Desk|June 10, 2021

Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe faced four bench arrest warrants besides being suspected of Driving Under Influence in Las Vegas.

Tiger King Park, which is Lowe’s zoo, in Thackerville, Okla was also raided early in the morning and about 68 big cats were seized, among which were lions, tigers, lion-tiger hybrids and a jaguar, under a warrant for “ongoing Endangered Species Act (ESA) violations.

TMZ in 2018 had reported that Lowe was accused of acquiring illegal profits from the animals.

An insider told Fox News that the warrants were issued when the accused skipped a Las Vegas Municipal court hearing for an incident in 2017. He also said three counts were for failing to produce a "license or permit for wild animals" and another count of "doing business without a license."

It was said that Lowe could arrange for bail by paying $5,125 against each warrant, and a total of $20,500 to set another date for the hearing.

The reality star told Fox News that the “judicial process” is “ignorant.” Lowe and his wife Lauren were arrested for DUI over the weekend.

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