Jonas Brothers were once stranded in the middle of nowhere by angry bus driver

Ellen James|June 09, 2021
Jonas Brothers were once stranded 'in the middle of nowhere' by angry bus driver

The Jonas Brothers are dropping their life story in upcoming joint memoir called Blood.

The three brothers who rose to fame with their Disney TV show Jonas Brothersrecently touched on an incident from their struggling days as stars.

Kevin Jonas admitted that they were usually low on cash and often overdue payments when they first stepped into the industry. In one such situation, an angry bus driver left the trio "in the middle of nowhere for more than twelve hours" because the brothers did not have fare money.

Joe, Nick, and Kevin were then picked up by father Kevin Jonas Sr. who also then paid the driver.

Blood is co-written with author Neil Strauss. It will be published by Dey Street Books on Nov. 9.

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