BTS Butter becomes biggest hit in Billboards global chart history

Celebpost Desk|June 08, 2021
BTS’ Butter becomes biggest hit in Billboard's global chart history

The flaming hot K-pop band is definitely not coming slow as they are smashing every record ever made with the success of their latest released track, Butter.

The popular South Korean band BTS has created history as it became the #1 hit band in the history of Billboard's global 200 chart.

Achieving the latest milestone, the septet band has now become the biggest and most successful band in the music world. Their latest track proved a more-than-expected hit as it, once again secured the top spot on the Billboard's main singles chart - Hot 100 songs chart - in its second week after debuting.

Undoubtedly, BTS is not ruling the top charts but, it’s become the biggest leader of all time on the chart, which is still less than one year old, according to Billboard.

Butter topped on No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 after it was streamed over 289.2 million times on streaming platforms. Not just that, 249,000 copies of the song were sold during the tracking week from May 21 to May 27. Both these figures are records.

Interestingly, the previous record is held also by BTS itself. The k-pop band's previous leader track Life Goes On became an instant hit as it opened at No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 late last year after the song was streamed 152.5 million times.

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