Dustin Lynch goes back to performing at Las Vegas Pool Party: Im Dealing with New Emotions

Celebpost Desk|June 08, 2021

Dustin Lynch made a powerful comeback to the stage to set it on fire one more time — after a long while.

American country-singer Dustin Lynch recently marked his return for the first time since March 2020 when the lockdown began. He described the adrenaline rush from being on the stage as “a drug”.

Last year, the singer halted all sorts of musical activity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Things are finally returning to normal, which allowed theSmall Town Boy singer to perform at a pool party in Las Vegas with a temperature reading of 104 degrees and a crowd full of excited fans.

Dustin was participating as a performer on a three-day weekend festival in Vegas, including a nightclub party with Brandi Cyrus and it made him think of the life before the pandemic.

While talking to PEOPLE, he said, "To feel the energy and then have it reciprocated back from the pool, that's what we've missed. That's the drug we live for that we haven't had.”

"We haven't done a show in a year plus. The heart rate was high. So I'm dealing with new emotions that I forgot about," Dustin went on. "The adrenaline rush and just what we live for is that connection of being all on the same wavelength to celebrate and forget about the real world and just live in the moment."

The singer also teased the fans that he might be doing an annual festival in Las Vegas and North America. He explained that his only goal is for the music-thirsty people to have the time of their lives after a desolate year and return to normal.

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