Elton John is overjoyed after JoJo Siwas coming out: youre a shining example

Ellen James|June 08, 2021
Elton John is 'overjoyed' after JoJo Siwa's coming out: 'you're a shining example'

JoJo Siwa is expressing her gratitude after receiving an admirable message from none other than Elton John.

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, the 18-year-old singer shared a special video sent to her by the Rocket Man hitmaker, congratulating her for coming out this year.

"JoJo, I want to congratulate you on sharing yourself with the world and coming out this year," John, 74, started in the video.

"I'm overjoyed that you've joined our beautiful community," he continued.

"At 17, you were able to do something that took people of my generation decades to do. Not only are you living your truth, you're a shining example to young people the world over and their families, by showing that love is love and people are people and that is that."

"Not to mention, your fantastic style. As I like to say, 'More is more, darling.' So, keep giving us the full JoJo, unfiltered, full of joy, utterly yourself, and let's all do the same. "Happy Pride, and big love to everyone," he concluded the message.

An elated JoJo expressed her emotions in the caption.

"This is unreal! thank you so much Elton for this message," she wrote alongside the video.

"I've looked up to Elton for YEARS.... to get this message from him made my life. Thank you so much for being the sweetest and most inspiring person ever."

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