Courteney Cox supports daughters Cocos love for makeup and hair dyes

Ellen James|May 12, 2021
Courteney Cox supports daughter's Coco's love for makeup and hair dyes

Courteney Cox is a super supportive mom.

Speaking with Drew Barrymore this Tuesday, the actor shared her daughter, Coco Arquette's love for self-expression. Cox shared Coco with ex-husband David Arquette.

"People will say, 'Why do you let Coco wear so much makeup?' She's been wearing makeup forever, that is a self-expression for her," Cox explains. "She loves to dress up. She will dye her hair, it was purple a week ago, I think right now it's blonde underneath before it was blue," says the 56-year-old actor.

Cox went on to reveal that Coco,16, dyes her hair so much that "we've ruined the bathroom 1,000 times."

Although the Friends alum believes that disciplining kids is essential, it is also important that parents give them a chance to express themselves.

"I think we just have to let them be themselves with boundaries, of course," she says. "I am not great at boundaries. I have to get better at it."

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