Charli DAmelio makes TikTok videos without planning

Samantha David|May 11, 2021
Charli D’Amelio makes TikTok videos without planning

During an interview, Charli D’Amelio told the Guardian about how she makes her TikTok videos and also revealed some of her tips and tricks for dancing.

Earlier, the influencer told Variety the reason behind joining TikTok. She shared, “I didn’t have an account, so I was just dancing on their phones and I’d be like, ‘Oh, can you send me that? That’s so cool.’ Eventually I decided to make my own account because I was having so much fun making all of these dance videos with my friends.”

D’Amelio also told The Guardian that there is no planning involved while making TikTok videos but she does go through “For You” page to find sounds she can use in her videos.

She stated, “There’s no planning. The thing about making a TikTok is, whenever you’re making it, that’s when the ideas come.”

The TikTok star also shared some tips for learning dances, she said, “I’ve heard of the trick of duetting the dance video you want to learn and putting it in slow motion to see all the moves slower.”

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