Olivia Wilde lambasted for homophobic remarks in past interview

Jean Valjean|May 11, 2021
Olivia Wilde lambasted for homophobic remarks in past interview

Famed director and actor Olivia Wilde has found herself ensnared in controversy after her earlier claims remerged and ruffled the feathers of the LGBTQ+ community.

The 37-year-old previously made allegedly homophobic remarks in an interview which have now come afloat and have sparked outrage against her.

In the interview, she spoke about going from being an actor to a director, which she felt was like “coming out of the closet.”

She intensified the rage of social media users even more by saying that before she met her former partner Jason Sudeikis, she had considered getting to a “soft kind of lesbian relationship.”

One social media user wrote: "I have always respected Olivia Wilde but when it comes down to this it’s terrible."

"Olivia Wilde. I am beyond disgusted. These hurtful words actually came out of your mouth. How dare you invalidate the LGBTQIA+ community like that. Comparing a change in jobs to coming out of the closet, how insensitive could you be?"

Another went on to say that the outrage had nothing to do with her being in a relationship with British heartthrob Harry Styles: "No one is cancelling Olivia Wilde because she's 'dating' harry so lets stop those comments before they even start, she's being 'cancelled" because she's invalidating the lgbtq+ community, NEXT."

"I'm so upset. As a queer woman i never expected this from someone i have looked up to for years. I'm hurt and this kind of ‘nonchalant’ behaviour and language is deep rooted homophobia that people think is laughable when it isn't. do better Olivia Wilde,” wrote another angry user.

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