Aurora sheds light on overnight hit ‘Runaway

Melanie Aiden|May 02, 2021

Aurora gets candid about the overnight success of her hit new single ‘Runaway’

Aurora sheds light on overnight hit ‘Runaway’

Renowned Norwegian singer recently gushed over the creative process she underwent to create Runaway, as well as the overnight fame it recently garnered.

The singer began her walk down memory lane by addressing the writing process for her overnight sensation and was quoted telling Pinkvilla, “I was 11 when I wrote this song. It's so strange to think about, it's unbelievable. I never really dreamt of being an artist, it was never my plan.”

“It happened by accident. I love to write in my room for myself and I found so much comfort in the music and that was enough. So when I wrote this song, I didn’t even think anyone would hear it. I would be the only person in the whole world to know that this song ever existed. Now, it is very strange to think that people are listening to my song.”

“When I wrote it, I just wanted to put sadness into words and the longing for a safe place and for things to get back to normal. It was actually just to comfort myself.”

She even gushed over the recent outpour of love and claimed, “Well, I have actually seen lots of videos. They're so beautiful and I feel my own little universe is out there with Runaway. The way people have created this beautiful world, everything is just so good. It is very moving. I am really impressed with how creative people are and how aesthetically it is just beautiful.”

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