Justin Timberlake gives nod to It Gonna Be May meme-creator

Ellen James|May 02, 2021

'I have to give props where they are due,' says Timberlake

Justin Timberlake gives nod to 'It' Gonna Be May' meme-creator

Justin Timberlake gives the best response to the meme creator who made fun of his song "It's Gonna Be Me."

On Saturday, the 40-year-old singer gave credit to the woman who started the popular "It's Gonna Be May" meme, inspired by Timberlake's NSYNC song.

Throughout the track, Timberlake, who used to be a member of the boy band, pronounces "me" like "may."

On May 1, the 40-year-old singer took to his Instagram Story and shared the meme as he wrote, "Now that it's ACTUALLY May, I have to give props where they are due. Look what you started," alongside a laughing emoji.

Replying to the singer's nod, the meme-creator fan reposted the Story on her Instagram and wrote, "Can't believe this. I'll never forget it (but dude I'm so sorry that you have to see this every year) Love you always ."

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