Why Princess Dianas marriage to Prince Charles forced?

Maryland Hargreaves|May 02, 2021

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's quick courtship suggested that the two had an arranged marriage

Due to Princess Diana’s turbulent marriage to Prince Charles it was thought that the union was forced upon the two.

The claims were fueled following the couple’s quick courtship as they got engaged after going on just 12 dates.

In a 2001 Reader’s Digest interview, royal author Ingrid Seward had asked the princess whether the marriage was arranged.

“I once asked Diana whether her marriage had been arranged, and she told me with some irritation: ‘It was Charles and I who decided on the marriage.’

Diana continued: “Not the Queen. Us. No one else.”

It was speculated that senior members of the royal family wanted Charles to pop the question when he began dating Diana.

The royal family was keen on having Diana be married to Charles as she belonged from an aristocratic family with close ties to the royal family.

Prince Philip had reportedly told Charles to “propose to her or release her”.

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