George Bush reacts to Matthew McConaugheys possible entry into politics

Ellen James|April 21, 2021
George Bush reacts to Matthew McConaughey's possible entry into politics

Former US President, George Bush, is giving political advice to actor Matthew McConaughey ahead of his election run.

Speaking onToday with Hoda & Jenna, Bush was asked if he has heard of McConaughy's run for Texas governor?

“I read that, Matthew, yeah,” Bush responded.

Jenna Bush also told dad George Bush that the actor is making headlines in Texas and is way ahead of current Governor Greg Abbott.

"And he’s actually ahead of Governor Abbott in the polls in this moment. So what do you think?," iterated co-host Hoda.

Bush responded: "I have no idea. It’s a tough business."

“If you’ve been president for eight years, the American people get to the point and they say, ‘surely we can do better than this fool.’ Then all of a sudden life gets in perspective," he quipped on how he has become more popular ever since he left he White House.

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