Prince Charles needs some alone time after father Prince Philips death

Samantha David|April 20, 2021

Source said, ‘Prince Philip’s death has impacted Prince Charles both personally and professionally'

Prince Charles needs some alone time after father Prince Philip’s death

A source told MailOnline that Prince Charles now wants some alone time after his father Prince Philip’s death.

The source told the outlet that the death of Duke of Edinburgh has, “impacted him both professionally and personally and he wants time to reflect alone.”

The source added, “Charles felt he wanted to reflect alone.”

The insider stated, “He also wants to attend to the thousands of letters sent to him in condolence of his father's death. He is acutely aware that this is a hugely significant moment in his life and he feels like he has the weight on the world of his shoulders.”

The source concluded, “All his life he has been heir to throne, but Prince Philip was the patriarch of the family. Overnight that's changed, and it's impacted him both professionally and personally. He needs time to think and contemplate the future of the Royal Family after what was a very difficult week.”

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