Prince Harry welcomed back in the group by Kate, Prince William

Jean Valjean|April 18, 2021

Believing Bruce and Judi James spoke to The Mirror and analyzed the body languages of Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Prince William's reconciliation at Prince Philip's funeral left many jaws dropped.

Body language experts, Believing Bruce and Judi James spoke to The Mirror and analyzed the body languages of Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

Bruce spoke about Kate’s behavior during the service and said: "What is really interesting, is as the religious stories are read out, Prince William is more comfortable looking towards the Dean of Windsor but Kate has an almost ‘fight like’ stare – directed at straight at Prince Harry. This is very unusual behavior from Kate. Again, we don’t know why she is staring straight at him, all we know is that she is.”

“Kate must be experiencing a certain type of powerful emotion, maybe some inner voice that she wants to express but can only come out via a stare due to the situation. We cannot know what she is thinking but we do know that as an average base line behavior that this is indeed not common,” he continued.

"Remember from a body language perspective, people don’t always tell you how they feel (verbally) but they will always show you, and that is done via body language. Kate's body language speaks volumes here—it maybe that she is concerned for Prince Harry, she wants to keep an eye on him, with him being over there she maybe feeling a mother’s need to care for him,” he added.

Regarding Harry, James chimed in and said: "On the way out after the service Harry walked last in the line from his side of the pews and appeared to avoid all eye contact with the other royals, even Sophie and her daughter, who appeared to be waiting to eye-greet him as he walked past.”

"He was carrying his service program nervously and even tapped it on the side of his leg as he waited in what could have been seen as a gesture of silent impatience, hinting that he was finding the moments with the royal group difficult,” she said.

Bruce further touched upon how Kate allowed the brothers to reconnect after the service as all three of them walked out together.

"Here he see Harry joining up with William and Kate. Being welcomed into the group with open arm gestures and opening up their thoracic areas to each other. William and Kate taking a step back so that Harry can join in. And as they walk up the hill, it’s Kate who steps away to allow Harry and William to walk together, as they have done so often in the past,” Bruce said.

“With the formal structuring and placements at an end, two brothers doing what comes natural to them, walking and chatting like they have done all their lives,” he said.

James gave her take, saying: "It was only when the service was over and the royal left that we finally saw Harry eye-check William and then walk up between William and Kate to chat. Kate fell back to talk to another party, leaving the two brothers walking alone talking in the moment of possible reconciliation that we had all be hoping for."

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