Lizzo speaks on Black Lives Matter: thats a tough pill to swallow

Ellen James|April 18, 2021

'It’s a system that is very well alive today,' says Lizzo

Lizzo speaks on Black Lives Matter: 'that’s a tough pill to swallow'

Lizzo wants fans to do more than just speaking.

The 32-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer took to her Instagram on Thursday and spoke explicitly on the injustices that emerge in society due to a person's skin color. Lizzo believes putting Black Lives Matter in your bio will not serve the purpose unless you actually d something about it.

“Racism isn’t a black-and-white photo or an antiquated idea,” she said.

“It’s a system that is very well alive today and works really well in this country. And I know that’s a tough pill to swallow, so here’s another one. Putting ‘BLM’ in your bio and posting a black square is no longer the bare minimum."

Instead, Lizzo suggested, “You have to do an intentional act of anti-racism every single day. What’s an intentional act of anti-racism? Well, have you donated to bail out a protestor? Have you bought from a Black business? An Asian business? Have you bought from any person of colour today? Have you seen someone getting harassed for the colour of their skin and intentionally went over there and stopped it? Have you educated yourself?”

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