Navy to honour Prince Philip during funeral processions, heres how

Maryland Hargreaves|April 16, 2021

Prince Philip will be honoured with action stations and a bugle call

The navy will be honouring Prince Philip in his funeral due to his close ties with them.

At the Duke of Edinburgh’s request, the Royal Marines will sound action stations after his coffin is lowered into Royal Vault buglers.

The action station takes place prior to a warship engaging in battle with the enemy.

With the late duke’s ties with the navy, having served in WWII, The Last Post, which indicates that a solider has “gone to his final rest” will be played.

A senior Palace official said: “The Last Post which will be sounded by Buglers of the Royal Marines is usually a bugle call signifying the end of the day's activities.

“But on this occasion it will signify a soldier has gone to his final rest.

“The Duke also chose to request the buglers of the Royal Marines to sound Action Stations.

“It is a deeply stirring sound and typically an announcement on a naval warship that all hands must go to battle stations.

“The symbolism of his final call will not be lost on the family. That even in the Duke's final moments before he is laid to rest he was calling on his troops, his family, to man their posts.”

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