Experts highlight the royal familys downward decline: report

Melanie Aiden|April 15, 2021

Experts get candid about the royal family’s’ ‘sense of the duality of monarchy’ and a family

Experts highlight the royal family’s downward decline: report

Experts have come forward to weigh in on the royal family’s downward decline as a family, all of which is in an effort to protect their institutional benefits.

This claim was brought forward by Professor Jenny Hocking Professor Jenny Hocking.

She was quoted telling Express, “You also get a very clear sense of the duality of monarchy, both as an institution and as a family and that’s fascinating. It succeeds institutionally only by causing a form of damage over itself as a family.”

“Because the sorts of things that we normally associate with family life become very dysfunctional in order to protect the other part of the Palace, which is an institutional role.”

“And that, again, I think is something that’s really very poignant and quite sad. What’s very sad about the interview is that it revealed this tension between the institutional requirements of the monarchy and normal family expectations of warmth, compassion, care and engagement.”

“And so both from Meghan and Harry I thought the revelations were personally very upsetting and institutionally very important.”

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