Discussing sexuality, Ellen DeGeneres confirms which cartoon characters are ‘obviously gay

Celebpost Desk|April 06, 2021

Ellen DeGeneres confirms which cartoon characters are ‘obviously gay’

Discussing sexuality, Ellen DeGeneres confirms which cartoon characters are ‘obviously gay’

Renowned American comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres has finally bought up the tricky question to discuss, that has been over our minds for quite a time.

The host took a step to finally address the debate about which popular cartoon characters are gay and which are not. The 63-year-old host, who for a laugh, referred to herself as the ‘nation’s leading expert on gay’ started by talking about Scooby Doo’s popular character Velma Dinkley.

“People online are once again debating whether Velma is a lesbian,” she said. “So here are my thoughts. First of all, she’s a cartoon character so no one should really care about her sexuality. Secondly, just ’cause she wears those clothes and has short hair doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian,” reported ET Canada.

“And third, obviously, she’s a lesbian. Come on. Velma, she’s on our team.” She jokingly said that “Velma does all the things that lesbians do. She has short hair. She has thick glasses. She solves mysteries. She’s basically the Rachel Maddow of cartoons.”

She added, “I heard that she’s trying to get the rest of the gang to trade in the Mystery Machine for the Subaru Outback.” Other than discussing Velma, DeGeneres talked about Peanuts character Peppermint Patty and said, “Let’s look at the evidence here. She wears Birkenstocks. Her name is Patty. Her best friend calls her Sir, which is short for Sir-iously gay.”

DeGeneres also backed the theory that Spongebob is gay. “He spends a lot of time with his friend Patrick. He has a pet snail. I don’t know if that’s gay. It just sounds like it is though.”

She further said that Bugs Bunny is not gay. “However, he’s just kinky.” About Disney’s Elsa from Frozen, she said, “I guess as soon as a Disney princess doesn’t spend the entire movie pursuing a man, that makes her gay.”

For other cartoon characters, the host shared her opinion and gave rapid-fire answers. “Snagglepuss? Gay. Ursula? Gay. He-Man? Gay. Yogi and Boo-Boo? Gay. Flounder? Gay. Four of the seven dwarfs? Gay. Jiminy Cricket? Gay. The candlestick from Beauty and the Beast?French or gay, same thing.”

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