Sharon Osbourne quits The Talk with a $10m payout

Ellen James|March 30, 2021
Sharon Osbourne quits 'The Talk' with a $10m payout

Sharon Osbourne has walked away from CBS with a handsome amount of money.

After allegations of projecting racist behavior on the sets ofThe Talk, the 68-year-old exited the show with an eight-figure payday, as per an inside source.

“Sharon is walking away with a $5 to $10 million minimum payout and was able to spin that it was her decision [to leave the show],” the source said.

Upon asking if Sharon will justify her stance, the source answered that she is waiting for the right time.

“Sharon will talk when she is ready,” the source said. “She still wants to give her side of the story. She has been on that show for 11 years and knows all the secrets.”

Sharon officially quit The Talk on Friday, as reported by CBS.

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