Emilia Clarke gives her candid thoughts on beauty and ageing

Jean Valjean|March 06, 2021

'You've got this idea of ageing, and then you've got the idea of what ageing makes you look like,' said Emilia

Emilia Clarke shed light on her idea of beauty and how she dealt with the pressure of maintaining her youth while ageing.

In a chat with Elle UK, the Game of Thrones actor, 34, said that she is completely on board the idea of ageing as it reflects all that she has learnt and experienced during her time on earth.

“You've got this idea of ageing, and then you've got the idea of what ageing makes you look like. At 34, I am wiser, more intelligent, I've had more experiences, I've done all this stuff and I'm proud of that,” she said.

“You can only do that because you are the age you are. Time is the only thing allows you to do those things. So, if my face is gonna reflect the time that I've spent on this earth, I'm down for that,” she continued.

“My mother has never had any work done and I think she's incredibly beautiful. I look to women and actors who are older than me who are [expletive] beautiful and I think what your skin does as you age is elegant,” she said.

“I can imagine them all saying ‘Ssh, you do not get to talk about this yet’, but I've got lines on my forehead,” she added.

She also revealed if she has felt the pressure of getting cosmetic surgeries or any injectables during the course of her career: “Oh my god, yes. You hear about all your contemporaries getting it done and you're like, ‘Does that mean I have to? Should I be doing that?’ And then you work on a movie and the director of photography lights you beautifully and you get over it.”

“I work in an industry where I've got to move my face, and I've got to be expressive, and you can't light filler. You just can't light it. It doesn't look right, you look shiny and strange. If my job is telling me that I need to have anything more than possibly a bit of botox when I'm 45 or whatever, then I'll stop doing the job,” she added.

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