Jennifer Aniston finally reveals the mystery of her famous 11 11 wrist tattoo

Celebpost Desk|March 05, 2021

Jennifer Aniston's famous ’11 11’ wrist tattoo meaning revealed

Jennifer Aniston finally reveals the mystery of her famous ’11 11’ wrist tattoo

Hollywood superstar actress Jennifer Aniston has been in headlines for all the good reasons recently. While her public appearances still leave fans in wondering how she still look so young and gorgeous, they have been also noticing the actress’ mysterious wrist tattoo.

Recently, the Friends star‘s BFF Andrea Benewald has finally unfolded the mystery behind her famous ‘11 11’ tattoo. As on Feb. 11, Benewald shared an adorable birthday tribute to her best buddy. She shared a photo of their matching tattoos and revealed the meaning behind the ink.

In the caption she wrote, “Happy Birthday Jen! You are the best-est, most beautiful, talented, big hearted, kind and FUNNY woman on the planet! Here’s to YOU on your BIG day! Of course it’s the most powerful day of the year with New Moon in Aquarius!!! Makes sense that the entire Universe would be in alignment with LOVE on your birthday!”

“You are LOVED beyond measure. Can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11 LOVE WALKING THROUGH THIS LIFETIME WITH YOU. Here’s to 37 MORE years of celebrating birthdays.Love you!!! jenniferaniston.”

On Thursday, the Morning Show star also wished Benewald a happy birthday and shared a series of pictures of her best friend on her Instagram Stories. She also posted the same photo of their matching tattoos.

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