‘I dont feel like Im enough says Katy Perry

Samantha David|March 02, 2021

Katy Perry got candid about her own insecurities on American Idol

‘I don't feel like I'm enough’ says Katy Perry

On Sunday’s episode of American Idol, Katy Perry talked about her own insecurities while commenting on Erika Perry’s performance.

26-year-old, College student, Erika from Orange County sang Valerie by Amy Winehouse for Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

Erika wore an all-black ensemble, nails painted with aliens and also joked that the 36-year-old could be her sister.

Moreover, Erika told the three judges that she wanted to perform so that she can get back at her ex who broke up with her before the audition and at the school bullies.

Katy told her that she is, “annoying but good”, Erika responded, “I'm annoying? Do you like me?”

The Prism singer said, “Well, first of all you are likable. And I think that you may not think that you are and that's why you're putting all of this on. 'Cause honey, I have been Insecure Jones for a long, long time, and I know all about it”.

“Look-it. I do this sometimes 'cause I don't feel like I'm enough. I also think no one has ever believed in you ever,” she added.

Erika started crying as Richie voted for her and Katy assured her that she will give her a chance.

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