Kevin Garnett recalls consequences of trash-talking Jordan

Samantha David|February 27, 2021

Kevin Garnett shared about trash talking Michael Jordan and friendship with late Kobe Bryant

Kevin Garnett recalls consequences of trash-talking Jordan

On Wednesday, Kevin Garnett appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed about trash-talking Michael Jordan and its consequences.

The 44-year-old recalled the rookie season on Minnesota Timberwolves, he said during that time Michael Jordan had won three NBA titles.

Garnett along with his team had performed well against Michael during the matchup. He told the 53-year-old that, “I'm young, I'm 19 years old, I'm in the league, I'm fresh, I graduated out of high school in Chicago”.

He continued, “We come back, we play the Bulls. ... And I was playing great, probably the best I'd ever played in my life at this point, right? And it's against the Bulls, and J.R. Rider is having an unbelievable game, too”.

“I woke up a sleeping dog. And it wasn't pleasant” he added.

Garnett then told that even Rider warned him about trash-talking 58-year-old. He then said, “Jordan went off on scoring binge that secured win for Chicago”.

Garnett stated, “He bites, and he bit hard. And I kind of got a warning shot, but I didn't really take warning to the warning shot, and it just turned bad. It turned really bad, and it turned back quickly”.

Garnett also said that Michael still remembers that game.

“Whenever I see Jordan, he does the same thing every time. He palms my head and he says, 'Remember the game I gave you 40 in three quarters?' And then he has this sidekick ... around him and he's like, 'Pull that [footage] up.' And then a guy goes and pulls it up!” he said.

“I'm like, 'What is this?'. Who walks around with content? Like, tee it up. It was an experience in which I quit talking trash to Michael,” he further added.

While talking about late Kobe Garnett said, “Kobe was one of my dear friends”.

Watch the interview below:

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