What is Kate Middleton, Princess Charlottes favourite snack?

Maryland Hargreaves|February 21, 2021

Kate Middleton reveals what is the one snack that she and Princess Charlotte love to eat

The saying like mother like daughter certainly fits for Kate Middleton and her daughter Princess Charlotte as they not only share certain habits but also have love for the same food.

During a 2019 visit to a primary school to support children's mental week, the Duchess of Cambridge shared how she and her then three-year-old daughter share their love for the same snack.

While Kate had told the children about the drawbacks of sugary foods she also mentioned that she and her daughter loved to munch on olives.

"Charlotte loves olives," she said and also shared that her daughter enjoyed cooking.

The Duchess also shared the little children that Prince George and Charlotte's favourite dish was "cheesy pasta".

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