Trista Sutter pens heart-warming message beau Ryan Sutter:You are my safe space

Ellen James|February 19, 2021

'Happy love day, my always and forever,' writes Trista

Trista Sutter pens heart-warming message beau Ryan Sutter:'You are my safe space'

Trista Sutter is cherishing her husband on Valentine's Day weekend.

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, the former Bachelor star expressed her sheer affection towards husband Ryan Sutter.

"I may not show you just how much you mean to me as much as you deserve to feel it and I may get snippy when I'm tired or my overwhel-meter skyrockets, but my flaws are called flaws for a reason and don't discount my heart's true happiness in being yours," wrote Trista.

"You are my safe space, my happy place, and every love cliche ever spoken...especially on Valentine's Day," she continued.

"I love love. I love you. I love us. Happy love day, my always and forever.

The loved-up post has come after Ryan's confession of fighting a mystery illness in December.

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