Chrissy Teigen sheds light on the painful ‘constant reminders of late baby Jack

Melanie Aiden|February 09, 2021

Chrissy Teigen opens up about baby Jack’s painful ‘reminders’

Chrissy Teigen sheds light on the painful ‘constant reminders’ of late baby Jack

Chrissy Teigen recently shed light on her struggles with losing baby Jack and all the daily “reminders” she sees of im in her day to day life.

The star shed light on it all during her interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and was began by saying, “Looking at those pictures now, it seems like so long ago. And also, of course, everything was such a blur,” she shared about the heartbreaking images that husband, John Legend, took in the hospital. “Even thinking back to it now, I am still in therapy about it and I’m still coming to terms with it.”

“I have maternity clothes, and there are things that I bought for my eighth month and my ninth month. So it’s just hard because he would’ve been born this week, so you look at those things and you have these constant reminders.”

“It was a really transformative thing for me and in a way it really saved me, because I don’t think that I would’ve discovered therapy and then sobriety and this path of feeling good about myself and feeling like a new person.”

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