Kylie Jenners former teacher explains her love & protectiveness for daughter Stormi

Celebpost Desk|January 24, 2021

Kylie Jenner's former teacher reveals her love & protectiveness for daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner's former teacher explains her love & protectiveness for daughter Stormi

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has been setting amazing mother-daughter goals with her 2-year-old baby Stormi. Her former teacher has recently revealed that she is a ‘protective’ mother.

Her teacher and Novel Education homeschooling founder Tiffany Sorya has recently explained Kylie’s relationship dynamic with daughter Stormi.

According to IANS, “Kylie’s super hands-on with Stormi. She’s protective over her. She doesn’t want a lot of pictures posted unless it’s by her, of course.”

The teacher praised the little star and how she’s the “greatest” child. “She’s super smart already and a little fashionista for sure, just like her mom."

She added, “I do think about when Stormi is ready to go to school, whether she chooses homeschool or regular school, and how amazing it would be for Novel [Education] to help Stormi in any way she needs, [considering] the fact that I was her mother’s teacher. I remember when Kylie was a teenager, so the fact that she’s older now and has a daughter and all that, it’s really cool. … It makes me feel old, but it is really cool to think about it.”

The makeup mogul has often shared her most adorable moments with her little munchkin on social media platforms. Her fans and 211m Instagram followers very much adore this mother-daughter duo.

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