Prince Harry told to ‘stop interfering in foreign politics after Capitol Hill riots comments

Celebpost Desk|January 24, 2021

British people asked Prince Harry to ‘stay away from foreign politics’ after his Capitol Hill riots comments

Prince Harry told to ‘stop interfering in foreign politics’ after Capitol Hill riots comments

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have once again landed themselves in hot waters for giving their comments on the critical international political event.

The British readers have asked the Duke of Sussex to stop interfering in foreign political matters after he commented about the recent Capitol Hill riots in the United States.

A poll conducted byExpress UK has resulted that British people found it objectionable for the former royal to be commenting on the matter.

83 percent of the readers believed it was not right for Prince to have branded the Capitol Hill riots as “violent extremism. While only 16 percent thought it was appropriate and only one percent was unsure," as per the poll.

One of the readers commented, "He kept his mouth shut during BLM violence and destruction of public and private property so he should've kept it shut here as well. As it turns out, he comes across as a Lefty violence justifier.”

Another said that the couple should “stop interfering in foreign politics.”

"Is Harry looking for American citizenship?" another added.

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