Queen Elizabeth will be exiled!: Gemma Collins makes startling claims about future role

Jean Valjean|January 24, 2021

'I need to be president at some stage throughout my life – it’s got to happen,' said Collins

British TV icon and businesswoman Gemma Collins has some serious political plans for the future which don't look too favourable for Queen Elizabeth II.

The reality TV star, 39, wants to become a US-style president of Britain with a bunch of weirdly absurd rules that would be set in motion.

One of those include exiling Queen Elizabeth II to her Norfolk estate.

Collins said on Sunday: “I need to be president at some stage throughout my life – it’s got to happen.”

“I would basically put in a lot more holidays for people. Four weeks’ holiday a year, who came up with that idea? It is cruelty. It is no good and it has to change.”

“In my presidential reign, you will have 10 weeks’ paid holiday a year. I’d get rid of all watches, all clocks, it’s a pressure. I would definitely relax on time, as you know time is a bugbear of mine,” she went on to say.

“And paperwork, filling in forms. That just does my head in. I’d get rid of all these congestion charges. I’d definitely get rid of parking tickets. I get so many parking tickets it’s a joke,” she continued.

She added that as her first power move, she would move Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth to their Sandringham estate and take over Buckingham Palace.

“The Buckingham Palace building would be made into the GC Presidential Palace. There will be a huge statue of me coming out the top, it would be lit up in pink lights but the tarmac leading up would be pink. And do you know what? Anyone can come in and visit me at any time,” she added.

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