Jessica Simpson opens up about her familys impact on her mental health

Melanie Aiden|January 13, 2021

Jessica Simpson recently shed light on her children’s effect over her life since ‘family is everything to me’

Jessica Simpson recently spilled the beans behind all that her family means to her during a candid chat.

The star shed light on it all during her interview with People magazine. There she was quoted saying, "When I hear my kids cackle, it's the most healing sound. It's contagious — my whole family starts giggling together, and it's like some form of happy laughing therapy."

The author also went on to say that "family is everything to me" and "More than anything, I want to teach them morals and values and to keep them safe but not afraid."

During the course of her interview she also explained her secret to remaining grounded after a "busy day of taking care of everyone."

"I started journaling after I wrote my book. It gets my thoughts out and lets me face them on paper. I know I can't carry the weight of the world and all those thoughts all the time. After a busy day of taking care of everyone, this clears my mind so I can have a restful night of sleep."

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