Mariah Carey on her impact in the entertainment industry as a ‘woman of color

Melanie Aiden|January 13, 2021

Mariah Carey recently shed light on her status as a ‘woman of color’ within a ‘male dominated industry’

Mariah Carey on her impact in the entertainment industry as a ‘woman of color’

Mariah Carey recently shed light on her secret to winning over the male dominated entertainment industry, especially as a “woman of color.”

The Grammy award winning singer shed light on it all during her interview with People magazine.

There she was quoted talking about her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey and admitted, "When people years from now tell my story — hopefully that happens — they're gonna have to use that book as a template.”

"This is my actual story. I look at a lot of people that I admired who didn't get a chance to do that. They may have told their stories through their music and people interpret their stories."

She added, "I know some people, Ahmir, like to have everybody else's input and their perspective. But what I wanted was to tell my actual story, which doesn't begin with, 'Mariah Carey put out Vision of Love in 1990.' No, it doesn't begin with that. It begins [with me] coloring in the 'wrong' crayon with a brown crayon for my father, so they all freak out at me."

"It begins with, 'I don't understand my hair because I'm [half-black]. It begins with all these identity issues, these issues of race, these struggles. Then it goes to the issues of control."

At the time when she attempted to break into the industry, "there's a thing where there's a constant theme [with] being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Then [I was] a woman of color with all this ambiguity and [had] people deciding how they're going to market me [at the time]."

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