Mia Khalifa bashed for using history in p**n to jumpstart new career with ‘shenanigans’

Ex- adult film star Mia Khalifa has been doing rounds across the internet ever since she ousted her exes’ for being abusive and sexually manipulative towards her.

With her most recent TikTok video titled, pose like them men that have mentally abused and sexually manipulated you, she spoke about her history of sexual abuse and detailed all the horrid experiences that she encountered while she worked he adult film industry.

The video in question features pictures of her exes with brief captions detailing all of their abusive tactics. The first picture was about her high school boyfriend who “groomed me at 16 to fulfil his twisted fantasies, while the second was about a former BangBros executive who “kept me locked in a toxic s**ual cycle for years.”

Her current boyfriend was also featured on the video, he explained his behavior with a caption that explained that he “has defied my consent numbers”

This is not the first time Khalifa has come out about her past experiences. During one of her interviews with the Washington Post she also touched upon her experiences ‘trying’ to get into other professions while battling the stigma associated with her former work.

As soon as her video was posted to Twitter, the comment section flooded with women supporting her. One user reminded her not to let any negative Nancy’s get her down. “Ignore all the dumbass men in these comments. You are strong and I’m 100% on your side.”

Many of her male fans were a lot less supportive towards her story, one user pointed out, This pisses me off, she literally made a ton of money (regardless of what she claims) and plays the victim and she literally knew what she was doing the moment she signed her porn contract. The worst part is she wants her videos/photos removed but still goes by her porn name/likeness,