Egyptian belly dancer sentenced to 3 years in prison over ‘inciting debauchery’

Famous Egyptian belly dancer, Sama El-Masry has landed on the wrong side of the law after a hefty prison sentence was handed to her alongside a 300,000 Egyptian pounds/ $18,600 fine over the distribution of debaucherous content.

The issue arose after numerous TikTok and Instagram influencers were raided upon by the government, upon the alleged promotion of sexually explicit and suggestive content.

Since being detained back in April, the influencer has denied all allegations and put forward a claim stating that her phone had been stolen a little over a year ago and thus the content was uploaded without her consent.

She was recently tried in Cairo’s Misdemeanours Economic Court on Saturday and, upon reportedly violating Egypt’s family laws, her content was deemed ‘immoral’ in the eyes of the law.

For the unversed, the government initially began this crackdown initiative after they put forward new cybercrime laws back in 2018. With those laws in place, the government has been provided complete control and rights to monitor communication within the country.

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