Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds shares reason behind delay

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Deadpool 3 announcement ever since Disney acquired Fox and brought the franchise under the Marvel studios umbrella.

The last Deadpool movie featuring Ryan Reynolds in the lead role released two years ago.

The actor has since then hinted at the possibility of Deadpool return several time. He had also shared a picture from the Marvel Studios office, casuing a social media meltdown.

Ryan has now given the real reason behind the movies delay.

Taking to social media Reynolds shared a spoof video of Unsolved Mysteries TV series.

The video features montages of the first Deadpool movie and marked five years since the footage from the movie leaked online. Reynolds joked that he has been occupied in finding the leaker which has led to the delay of Deadpool 3. “It’s why the next Deadpool film is taking so long. Still trying to solve this. Happy Leakaversary,” he captioned the video.