Amber Heard admits she punched Johnny Depp to ‘defend’ her sister

With the court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard getting more heated than ever, new information has come to light regarding Heard’s alleged abusive behavior.

According to a report, Heard has just admitted to hitting Depp in an attempt to ‘protect’ her sister.

During her testimony to the London High Court the Aquaman actress went into detail and explained that she punched Johnny Depp in an attempt to protect her sister. Heard was quoted saying, “I did strike Johnny that day, in defense of my sister.”

Heard said her sister, Whitney was standing on top of the staircase in her home and when she feared Depp might push her down the staircase, she lept into action. She said, “I had heard that he had pushed a former girlfriend, I think it was Kate Moss, down the stairs. And I thought of that at the moment and I reacted in defense of her [Whitney].”

Her statement began a hot topic among fans who got heated. Many even began calling her out on er false claims on Twitter, and within the next few hours many began hoping for her to get fired from the set of Aquaman.

One user questioned her actions and claimed, “So… Aquaman 2 is trending (at least in the US) Does that mean Amber Heard is finally fired after she admitted hitting her husband and all the lies she spread the past few years?”

While many want Amber to be kicked to the curb, a handful of other fans worry if her drama will affect the movie negatively. “Hearing about Amber Heard getting fired/not fired from #Aquaman 2. Not sure about the details but one of the many things that cross my mind is that it’s a shame Aquafans have to see this happen. Aquaman was such a great movie. I hope the sequel is not affected by all this.”